‘The world is coming…’

Jan ’13: This was a great opportunity for Tijo Media to combine two passions. Bicycles and videos…kinda like Peanut Butter and Jelly. Some things just fit together.

The client had hours of footage in every format known to man. BetaSP, H.264, DVD, and multiple flavors of HD spanning decades. Add to that the footage we had gathered along the way from live events in Richmond to the USA Pro Challenge in Colorado. This project turned out to a be a tasty goulash of the elite cycling experience that is headed to our hometown in just two short years.

Click here for more details about the World Championships that are headed to the Old Dominion in Sept. 2015.

Client: Richmond2015
Production Co. – Tijo Media
Producer/Editor- B.Montijo
Color/GFX – Shannon Honaker
Sound Design- Mike O’ConnerRainmaker